• Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli

    Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli

    Main Theatre:
    Safety curtain
    Orchestra pit lift
    32 cable reelers to grid
    Loudspeaker hoist
    Seat wagon on air bearings
    Side masking and tracks
    Follow spot pods

    Perimeter track
    Seat wagons on air bearings

    Completion date: November 2012
    Client: T.R. Jones Ltd
    Consultant: ACT Consultant Services
  • West Horsley Place

    West Horsley Place

    Motorised lighting and scenery bar hoists, pulleys and ladder bars.

    Completion Date April 2017
    Client Push the Button
  • The Brit School, Croydon

    The Brit School, Croydon

    4 - 6 line, motorised lighting trusses.
    2 – 4 line, drill operated hoists.

    Completion date: December 2012
    Client: Lighting Logic Ltd
  • The Deanery, Swindon.

    The Deanery, Swindon.

    350kg SWL drill operated hoist sets.

    Completion date: January 2019
    Client: Stage Electrics
  • BBC Studio B, London

    BBC Studio B, London

    91 self climbing band type lighting hoists

    Completion date: February 2012
    Client: Lighting Logic
    Consultant: BBC.
  • The Kings Theatre, Southsea.

    The Kings Theatre, Southsea.

    Safety curtain asbestos removal works.
    Replacement front and rear cloths.

    Completion date: August 2019
    Client: The Kings Theatre Trust
  • The Sonic Arts Laboratory, Queens University Belfast.

    The Sonic Arts Laboratory, Queens University Belfast.

    Manually operated acoustic wall panels
    Powered truss hoists and control

    Completion Date: December 2003
    Client: Stage Electrics
    Consultant: Theatre Projects Consultants
  • Sadler's Wells Theatre, London

    Sadler's Wells Theatre, London

    Supply and installation of orchestra pit
    Control system

    Completion Date February 2016
    Client Sadler's Wells Trust
    Consultant Carr & Angier
  • Qatar National Theatre

    Qatar National Theatre

  • Oxford Playhouse

    Oxford Playhouse

    Stage equipment refurbishments

    Completion Date August 2016
    Client Oxford Playhouse
  • The Millennium Theatre Project, Londonderry

    The Millennium Theatre Project, Londonderry

    Double purchase counterweight scenery flying system
    Safety curtain
    Film screen
    Acoustic panels
    Hemp sets
    2 Forestage elevators
    Tilting auditorium floor
    Auditorium chain hoist system

    Completion date: August 2001
    Client: LSI Projects Ltd Consultant: Michael Holden Associates
  • Jordan JRTV

    Jordan JRTV

  • Hip Hing, Hong Kong

    Hip Hing, Hong Kong

    Motorised spot line hoists.
    Control system.

    Completion Date March 2018
    Client Hip Hing
  • Hampton School, Hampton.

    Hampton School, Hampton.

    Forestage elevators, including builders work

    Completion Date: September 2012
    Client: Hampton School
  • Greenock Arts Guild, Greenock.

    Greenock Arts Guild, Greenock.

    Main Theatre:
    Counterweight flying system
    Orchestra pit lift
    Adjustable proscenium
    Loudspeaker truss hoist
    Seating wagons
    Cleat rails

    Tension wire grid.
    Curtain tracks and lighting bars

    Completion date: November 2012
    Client: Graham Construction Ltd
    Consultant: Theatre Projects Consultants
  • Seachange Arts, Great Yarmouth

    Seachange Arts, Great Yarmouth

    Flown/folding acoustic dividing wall and control system.

    Completion September 2016
    Client Quinn Construction
    Consultant Jeremy Stacey Architects
  • Farnham Maltings

    Farnham Maltings

    Lighting hoists and control system

    Completion August 2015
    Client Stage Electrics
  • Northcott Theatre, Exeter

    Northcott Theatre, Exeter

    Counterweight flying system refurbishment.

    Completion Date July 2017
    Client Push the Button
  • Assembly Rooms, Durham.

    Assembly Rooms, Durham.

    250kg SWL drill operated hoists.
    Hemp sets.

    Completion date: July 2020
    Client: Stage Electrics
  • Olympia Theatre, Dublin

    Olympia Theatre, Dublin

    Counterweight system

    Completion Date June 2016
    Client Push the Button
  • Bishopsgate Institute, London

    Bishopsgate Institute, London

    Lighting truss hoists and control system

    Completion Date April 2016
    Client Lighting Logic
  • Bury Metropolitan Theatre, Lancashire

    Bury Metropolitan Theatre, Lancashire

    Lighting hoists and control system

    Completion September 2016
    Client Stage Electrics
  • Blackheath Halls, Blackheath

    Blackheath Halls, Blackheath

    Motorised overstage hoists.
    Motorised auditorium hoists.
    Chain hoists.
    Loudspeaker line array trusses.
    Auditorium truss array.
    Control system.
    Roof void hoist support steels.
    Roof void access hoist system.
    Roof void access gallery and cat ladder systems.
    Side stage galleries and tracks.
    Modular stage infil.
    Refurbished proscenium panels and header.

    Completion Date October 2018
    Client Sykes & Son Ltd
    Consultant Carr & Angier
  • Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts, Brighton

    Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts, Brighton

    Truss and Chain Hoists system
    Curtain tracks
    Conference Screen
    Hoist sets
    Head and loft blocks
    Cinema Screen

    Completion Date February, 2016
    Client University of Sussex
    Consultant Paul Davies