Safety curtains

The two most commonly installed types of safety curtain are rigid and roller.

Rigid safety curtains consist of a single or two-part steel framed panel, covered with a combination of steel sheet and fire resistant cloth. The safety curtain is usually installed on the upstage side of the proscenium wall and is guided and retained by steel guides. The safety curtain panel moves vertically within the guides and is counterweighted to assist the hoist/arrester system.

Roller safety curtains are installed in venues that do not have sufficient height within the fly tower to accommodate a rigid safety curtain. The safety curtain panel is made up from fire resistant cloth panels sewn with stainless steel thread. The safety curtain roller is a steel tube that spans the width of the proscenium and is supported on bearings at each end. The upper edge of the safety curtain cloth is clamped along the length of the roller, the lower edge is clamped to a weighted steel bar.

The sides of the safety curtain panel are retained in steel guides. The hoist/arrester unit rotates the roller and so raises or lowers the cloth panel within the guides.

MRL Systems Ltd is able to provide a design and build service as well as maintenance services for all types of safety curtains.